Help celebrate SSASS at the Carter Classic

This event is not only our single fundraiser for the year but is an opportunity for you to join us with a few of your mates on the hill for some fun and friendly competition.  Not your usual ski race, this event relies on your ability to ‘guesstimate’ your time to navigate down a short, easy race course.   The fun continues at the lunch and award ceremony where prizes are awarded for costumes, funds raised and race results.

How do you participate?

  • Recruit 2 or 3  other friends/relatives/coworkers and register online below.  SSASS will supply a SSASS student to complete your team.  Register early – we are limiting the event to 20 teams.
  • Print the donor sheets (below) or pick up a package at the SSASS room (lower floor, NATC)
  • Collect donations from other friends/relative/coworkers.
  • Plan a costume (optional but fun)
  • On race day, all team members arrive at the National Altitute Training Center (NATC) team room (upstairs) at 8 am  to complete registration, waivers, hand in donations and collect race bib.  Please return to this page prior to the race for updates on schedule.
  • Take 2 runs on the race course located on Over-the-Hill (off of Far Out at Main Street).  First run you will be given your race time.  Use this time as the basis of your ‘guesstimate’ of your next run down the course.   The difference between your guess and actual time in the second run is your ‘score’
  • Come to the NATC for lunch and award ceremony.   Be sure to collect your door prize ticket to be eligible for great prizes.


2017 Carter Classic Information



2017 Carter Classic Poster


Online Team Registration:
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