Instructors Passes

SSMR and SSASS will continue to provide or subsidize passes for instructors this year but the process will be different.

What is the same:

  • instructors who teach a minimum of 20 lessons will be eligible for a full pass
  • instructors who teach a minimum of 10 lessons will be eligible for half a pass

What has changed:

Instructors will not be required to purchase their passes ahead of time. In September instructors will be asked to join BCAS/CADS and make a good guess about their level of commitment  for the season - either a minimum of 20 lessons for a full pass or a minimum of 10 lessons for a half pass. SSASS will send the list to SSMR when a commitment is made to SSASS and they will provide a pass. Where the commitment is for a minimum of 10 lessons the instructor will be required to pay for half the pass and SSMR will grant the other half.

SSMR will not be monitoring instructors' level of commitment that is the responsibility of SSASS.

When a pass is issued by SSMR they will create an email receipt to show a pass was issued for that season. That receipt will ensure you get the same benefits as any other pass holder - discounts around SSMR, reciprocal passes and discounts at Sovereign Lake.

Passes issued under this scheme are considered Volunteer Passes and are accounted for as Complimentary Passes in their books. GST must be paid on Complimentary Passes.