On school ski days, no one needs to be left at home because of special needs.

We are here to help but we do need some lead time, so please get started as early as possible. We require information about your plans for the ski day, the students must be registered with us and a medical waiver completed.

Although we work closely together with the Silver Star Mountain Resort ski school, we are an independent volunteer organization.


What We Do

We contact the teacher, CEA, or parents directly to learn about the student and form a lesson plan.

On ski day, we will meet you at the bus and help the student with rentals. The instructor(s) will work with the student individually.

At lunch time, the student is returned to the care of the teacher.

Contact Us Early

When planning the event, contact the SSASS Schools Coordinator via email. We need to know :

  • What dates are you coming
  • What times does the bus arrive
  • Lunch plans
  • Names and cell phone numbers of on-hill teachers

When we receive your email we will respond directly and open a dialog to start registration of the students and get the process rolling.

Online Registration

Each student must be registered with our organization. It is possible the student has been with us before. If that’s the case, and you see they are registered, but cannot access the account  contact us and we will reset passwords and or email address.

Medical Waiver

In the registration process, you will find a medical fitness certificate. It is important that the student’s physician or legal guardian complete this form. This is required before the student can be accepted into the adaptive program. The completed form may be scanned and uploaded into the student’s profile, or attached to an email to us.

Please note that your application cannot be considered until it is complete and the medical clearance letter is uploaded. We need at least one week to process your application, post your lesson requests and assign instructors.