Local Weekly Lessons

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Lessons are scheduled once a week for 8 weeks beginning in early January.  One or 2 instructors are assigned to each student for the series of lessons.

About the lessons

Lessons take place every day of the week and are scheduled for either morning or afternoon. Lessons usually last for 2 hours but may be shorter depending on conditions and the capabilities of the student. You will be contacted in late December/early January, to confirm lesson scheduling. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Sometimes compromise is necessary! As the season progresses you may fine tune your schedule with your instructor.

Plan to arrive 1/2 hour before lessons. It takes time to get organized and out on the snow, especially if adaptive equipment is needed.

Cancelling a lesson

If the student needs to cancel a lesson it is important to contact your instructor as early as possible but at least before 6 pm the prior day. Late cancellations may result in the lesson being ‘lost’. You may discuss with your instructor whether a make-up lesson is possible.

What is the Cost?

How to Register

New to SSASS? If you have any further questions about the program, please  email us at [email protected] and the student coordinator will get in touch with you.

What information do you need to register as a SSASS student?

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