Here is what our current instructors tell us:


  • Definitely the sense of community with the other volunteers and the feeling of being part of the broader Silver Star community.
  • The feeling that the first lesson with a new student is a jump into the unknown!  You’re never sure what is going to happen, which I enjoy.  The reward of seeing a big grin on the student’s face when they do something new for them.  Collaboration with other instructors when you are unsure how to tackle a teaching problem.
  • The kids - I love kids! I love watching the joy it brings when they participate outdoors in snow sports. I have a lot of fun working and learning from other instructors.
  • Friendship, camaraderie, my pass, I get bored just skiing every day and I need a challenge.
  • Pure & total joy & lots of laughs.
  • Quality skiing/boarding instruction from others.
  • Just happy to help young persons and getting a smile at the end of the lesson.
  • It gives an incentive to ski not just for yourself and to share some great experiences.