School Program

On school ski days, no one needs to be left behind because of diverse learning needs.

Although we work closely together with SSMR SnowSport School, we are an independent volunteer organization.  We provide alpine ski and snowboarding instruction to students with diverse learning needs.  Each student will be taught by one or two instructors, depending on their needs.  We provide lessons at no cost to our students.

Contact Us Early!

If there are students who could benefit from our program, school staff need to contact SSASS well before the scheduled ski/snowboarding days.  Contact the SSASS Schools Coordinator via email. We need to know:

  • What dates are you coming
  • What time the buses arrive
  • Lunch plans
  • Names and cell phone numbers of on-hill teachers

What We Do

We contact the teacher, CEA, or parent/guardian directly to learn about the student and develop a lesson plan.

On ski/snowboarding day, the instructor will meet the student at a prearranged location and time. The instructor(s) will work with the student individually for up to 2 hours.

The SSASS instructor will return the student to the care of the on-hill school personnel at the end of the lesson.

Cancelling a lesson

If the student needs to cancel a lesson it is important to contact your instructor as early as possible but at least before 6pm the prior day.

Parents/guardians need to complete two registration forms:

  1. The school’s registration packet given to all students participating in the ski/snowboarding day
  2. SSASS Student Application form which is accessed via the Snowline Portal.   All students who participate in SSASS programs must complete this form. The school may have advised you of this.

If the student has been with SSASS before they will likely already be registered.  If you cannot access the registration, contact us for help. We may need to reset passwords and/or email address.   

In the registration process, you will find a Medical Clearance to Participate certificate. It is important that the student’s physician or parent/legal guardian complete this form. This is required before the student can be accepted into the adaptive program. The completed form may be scanned and uploaded into the student’s profile, or attached to an email to us.

Please note that your application cannot be considered until it is completed and the medical clearance letter is uploaded. We need at least one week to process your application, post your lesson and request and assign instructors.

As part of the SSASS registration, all students must have a current CADS membership.  This may be partially or fully subsidized by SSASS. 

Contact the SSASS Schools Coordinator via email if you have questions.

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